Fattak 3

Natural plant extract is effective in the fight against many of the diseases of nematodes such as nematodes, roots and citrus nematodes and dwarf nematodes as well as its effectiveness in the control of root mold and plant on the growth of new roots.

It is used to eliminate whole animal and nematode eggs by stimulating soil microbes to produce high chitinase enzyme, which has the ability to analyze the cell wall of nematode cells made of chitin and thus fail to complete the life cycle of nematodes.

Fattak 3 increases the yield by a high percentage to contain many amino acids and easily digestible nutrients.

The use of  Fattak 3 increases the vegetative and root populations, increases flowering and increases the volume of fruits.

(It has no period of prohibition)It also increases plant immunity and resistance to various pathogens.


How to use:

Use the rate of 5 liters / acres right and the tower of the package well and put in the bandage so as to be injected in the last quarter of an hour of irrigation.

The plant is grafted after the injection process from day to day so as to give the best results.

Fattak3 achieved  distinct results and these results were shown in the analyzes conducted on the product.

The results can be observed on the plant after 4 days of use.

This was achieved with the company's customers using Fattak 3 with agricultural greenhouses in general.

Such as: grapes, bananas, vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries, onions, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe.

Rate of use: In the case of gold nematodes, the dose is 15 liters / acre divided by two doses at 3 weeks interval.