Tunnel manufacturers and eliminate them

:Morphological Description

 The full insect is a true fly that takes the body color to a general dark color (black / brown) except the legs and horns of the sensor

And the veins of the wings take the light color (yellow / light brown)

:life cycle

 The female bites the eggs individually under the skin of the lower leaves

 hatch from larvae (have 3 larvae) fed and traveling between the two vertebrates, making serpentine tunnels (the larva on its side / the abdomen on the side of the tunnel.

The tunnel expands the size of the larva … This expenditure leads to the middle sweat and then to the leg and then to the crown area where the larvae continue to feed and remain until their growth is complete.

 then retain the skin of the last larva and avoid it inside it (turn into a hidden virgin) at the end of the tunnel (afterthe soil)

Then it turns into a full fly that reverts its life cycle

Total insects are a small fly on the surface or inside the tissue of the leaf to hatch the larvae that feed on the middle tissue between the two leafy skin, causing sporadic, chlorophyll-free white spots.

The larva digs curling tunnels inside the newly grown leaves and feeds on its internal contents, which reduces its efficiency in the process of photosynthesis, and eventually dry the infected parts in the leaves and branches of the soft and modern leaves are encouraged to grow on themselves.

Number of generations

 from 10-12 generation / year

:Symptoms of injury and damage

There are tunnels on crooked leaves

The presence of virgins in many areas of the crown leads to the prevention of the rise of the plant juice and thus suffocation of papers and dry and then fall

 If the infection occurred to the plant before the completion of the age of a month completely eliminated, either at the age of the largest plant can resist and produce a crop

the cure

The use of a lethal product 2 from the Spanish company is a 100% natural product and has no absolute prohibition period