Boron deficiency in agricultural crops


Is a chemical element with a letter B and an atomic number 5 Boron is included in the elements of the second cycle and at the head of the thirteenth group in the periodic table as a main group element Because its group is called the Boron Group, the element of boron in its free metal form is a very rare metal in the universe on the Earth’s surface; it is often found in conjunction with oxygen in the form of borat minerals such as boron. Boron is not free in nature, Industrially for the formation of refractory materials, there are several boron derivatives.


Boron deficiency

Is a plant disturbance if the proportion of boron to a certain extent in the tissues of the plant, there is a small amount of boron in the soil and causes the quantities of plant poisoning, the increase is one of the most important reasons for lack of boron due to a conflict between these two elements. Boron deficiency can also occur due to high ground water level and poor ventilation. Absorbs on the image of Borat (BO2).

Symptoms of boron deficiency

Symptoms of boron deficiency the plant
Granules do not form in the ears Barley and wheat and like them
The leaves show water stains and then become transparent and then fall off and the branch is stripped from top to bottom citrus fruits
The leg should be hollow brown Cauliflower and cabbage
Cotton trees appear to be in severe shortness due to the short distance between the nodes, the tissue dies and the leaves become thick and brittle


Stains are formed on the surface of the fruit Apples and fruits
Do not open buds The almonds
















Functions of boron in plants

1 – controls the proportion of the plant and the absorption of water from the soil.

2- It is related to the movement of sugars to the storage places.

3 – important for pollination operations in the flowering stage.

4 – affects the absorption of certain elements such as nitrogen, potash and calcium.

5 – necessary for the formation of hormones in the plant.

6 – necessary for the formation of proteins in the plant.

  1. Essential for the formation of amino acid tryptophan.

Treatment of boron deficiency

The boron is added to the soil or sprayed using a B.Smart product from the Spanish Fertilizer and Pesticides Company.