Insect insects (blind ants)

What is anorexia?

Is a type of small insects that feed on plant, but on the plant juice as farmers consider it harmful insects and harmful to the plant.


How to infect the plant with the insect: 

Sometimes an ant is present with ants. Some ants use an insect to provide foodBut how this is done and the answer to this question is as follows:Some of the ants take the eggs of the insect and keep it in the underground in the dark until the eggs produce and remain long in the dark until they lose their sight and then the ants to remove these insects from the ground to feed on the plant and then bring it back to his home where milking This is done by striking the ants of the insect on the back of the asses, especially the horns of the sensors that the ants have to induce them to get out a drunk liquid and the ants prefer this kind of food.

 Symptoms of Meningitis: 

1- Reproduction of ants on plants.

2. Gather the flies around the plant.

3 – the presence of sticky materials down the plant.

4 – falling leaves and crease.

5 – plant weakness and stop growth.


Prevention of Insect Pests: Remove the infected parts of the plant by removing them. 

The cure : 1 liter / 400 liters of water in the case of acute infection; 1 liter / 400 liters of water in the case of moderate infection; 1 liter on 600 liters of protective water; sprinkle on the plant from top to bottom and vice versa, focusing on the injury area.

Fattak 1 works on the elimination of water, trapeze, red spider, white fly, fruit fly, dagruff, crustacea and pests, and feeds the plant; It has no period of prohibition.