Nematodes are a type of worm that is destructive to plants. These nematodes flourish in sandy soils; these nematodes have a wide spread in many crops, vegetables, mental crops and trees such as citrus and grapes.


Cause of injury: The presence of worm nematodes in the soil. Symptoms:

1- Overall weakness in vegetative growth.

2 – yellowing of papers

3. Wilt.

4- Paper transparencies.

5 – All symptoms that resemble the symptoms of food scissors in the plant.


Methods of prevention :      

These methods aim to prevent the arrival or prevention of the spread of nematodes from one place to another, from country to country or even within the same farm. These methods include the following:

1. Agricultural Reservation: Most countries of the world adopt this method in the prevention of nematodes in the sense that the state enact laws and legislation to prevent the arrival of any agricultural pests to be transmitted with the plant or with seedlings and tubers to other methods of transmission of agricultural pests.           

1- Preventive laws.

2. Regulatory laws.

A) Preventive laws under which it prevents the entry of any infected plant or even any parts of the plant from an infected area or even potentially infected.

B) Regulatory laws These laws regulate the entry of plants or any of the breeding parts of plants that must be accompanied by an approved health certificate that is free from pests or that the plant has been treated and the pest has been eliminated before the plant is exported. Reproductive parts in the entry areas and make sure that they are free of pests and after confirmation of this are authorized to enter.

3 – There may be a local agricultural reservation, ie within the same state to prevent the coming of any plant or any of the reproduction parts of the plant from an infected area to another area before confirming the safety of plants coming from the pest.

 4. Use of pest free seeds or seeds:So you have to carefully choose where to buy the seeds and seeds you grow. Be careful to buy from trusted places.

5 – Hygiene of the plant:You should take care of the soil of the nursery good treatment and clean all the tools and machines used in dealing with the plant and also the use of nematode pesticides such as fataak3 is a natural product does not have a period of prohibition and eliminates nematodes. 

the cure :Use the Fattak 3 product at a rate of 5 liters per feddan and pack it well and place it in the dressing to be injected in the last quarter of an irrigation; the plant is placed after the injection from one day to two days to give the best results.