Root rot

First, what is root rot?

Rhizoctonia solani is an fungal disease affecting both the internal and external plants, but the most susceptible to infestation is the internal plant.


How to get this disease:The cause of this disease is bad irrigation or its abundance. As well as a mushroom called (Rhizoctonia solani)

Causes of infection:1- Increasing irrigation.2. Near the soil surface.3 – excess moisture.4.1 No air shall be renewed in the place.

Symptoms: When the plant is infected with this disease appears rotten on the crown of the plant or plant leg and change the color to brown and become soft and cause these molds at times the fall leaves of the plant after drying.

protection : Agriculture in light soils.2. Surface agriculture (above soil surface).3. Avoid excessive irrigation.


the cure : The use of the product B.S At the rate of 1 liter / 200 liters of water by spraying for most fungal diseases that affect the vegetative.

B.s. 2: 3 liters per acre are used in the soil for most fungal diseases affecting the root population.