Tomato worm 

Tomato worm, tomato leaf digger or Tota absluta. All of these insecticides originated in South America. This insect was recently identified as the most dangerous insect of tomato production, especially in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant, where it was a major cause of the collapse of tomato production in Syria and Jordan. The lesion on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and this insect be new generations each year of studies have proven that they are between 10: 12 generation per year where each female put between 250-300 eggs throughout her life; known this lesion as the transboundary pest; This lesion is affected Rha also in potatoes, eggplant and beans.


How to enter the insect into the plant:

 The worm digs the tomatoes in the leaves of the plant so that the drilling produces large openings or eaves then moves to the fruits and digs in it is a major cause of the collapse of production; all this is in the open rights or protected plantations; this worm attacks the plant at all stages of his life and in all parts of the beginning From sprouts and leaves to flowers, stalks and fruits; this loss of tomatoes lose 80: 100% of the proceeds of production. 


The Cure:-

 In the case of green worm, tunnel makers or tomato worm Use a product Fattak 2 1 liter /200 liter of  water spray on plant from top to bottom and vice versa

 In the case of the worm Use a product Fattak 2 1 liter /200 liter of  water with one day of fasting. 

Palm weevil Use a product Fattak 2 1 liter /50 lt of water in the infected area. 

(Gives immediate results)