The compound contains a high percentage of calcium and boron, which helps to quickly absorb it within the plant and compensate for the deficiency resulting in unclean, such as the rotten tip of the syphilis and the spot in the apple tart (bitter click) and the fall of fruits and the death of flowers. The compound contains a high percentage of calcium and potassium, which helps to increase the volume of fruits and increase their hardness and thus carry them for transport, shipping and unloading.The compound helps to produce fruits and yield with excellent specifications.

C.B.M contains a good proportion of molybdenum, which helps to quickly absorb all elements in the plant, including the high proportion of calcium and potassium in C.B.M .

C.B.M contains a high percentage of magnesium, which helps to increase the proportion of chlorophyll in the leaves and thus activate the biological processes within the plant and reduce the appearance of yellow on the leaves resulting from the lack of magnesium.










2.5% Boron
0.5% Molybdenum


1.5% Zinc




Provide calcium, potassium, magnesium, boron and treat the symptoms of their deficiency in the plant.Feeding plants with calcium, potassium and magnesium together and with the same ratios of plant requirement.Calcium plays an important role in increasing the hardness of fruits and vegetables, improving their quality and increasing their life after harvest.Magnesium has an essential role in the formation of chlorophyll.Magnesium acts as an activator of enzymes that are involved in the representation of nucleic acids.Minimize the harmful effect of soil salinity on the plant.Reduces the ratio of sodium in the soil. 

Usage Rate:Liter / 500 liters of water.


  Apple - pearPeach - apricot plum    Mango, guava, citrus and bananas    Grapes  
 3: 5 liter / acre The first treatment begins during flowering and repeated from 3 to 4 times with a liter of 800 liters of waterThe first before the flowering two weeks Rasha on wood.Second after the contract is completed.The third after two weeks of the second .   1 liter / 800 liters of water before flowering.The first treatment begins with the beginning of the vegetative growth activity and the treatment is repeated 4 to 5 times by 15 days.   1 liter / 800 liters of water after the contract a week and repeat the treatment 3-4 times a difference of 10 days between the treatment and the other taking into account of a stage in the stage behind the fruits.Addition of fertilizers and irrigation water begins the first treatment of the beginning of vegetative growth and the second when the fruits in the size of pea grain and then repeatedOther .