About Us

Our company was established in 1998 and we have 20 years of experience in the field of natural fertilizers and pesticides.

The aim of the company was to replace toxic fertilizers and pesticides
With natural fertilizers and pesticides that do not have a ban period, and help the small Egyptian farmers and not companies that use this feature in export operations abroad.

The company was able to prove the quality of its products and was used by small farmers and large companies.

The company offers effective non-traditional agricultural solutions that have the ability to eliminate agricultural pests and increase production.

The company’s products are characterized by their rapid and strong effect, superior to toxic pesticides, and have no prohibition period and the strongest plant nutrients.

The company’s products are extracted from plant origin with many natural active substances that are quick to effect and thus eliminate infection and treat the harmful effect thereof.

And the product has many advantages is a strong nutrient of the plant so it is provided.