Fattak 1

A natural plant extract that does not have a period of prohibition

Kills agricultural pests, destroys eggs, kills red spider, trophus, white flies, fruit flies, dill bugs, crustaceans, and sorbent pests and feeds the plant

Eliminates the injury and treats the harmful effect thereof

Fattak 1 works in a non - conventional way with many effective natural substances extracted from medicinal plants

Agricultural pest kills with contact


How to use

Tighten the package and then stir in the spray tank.

Sprinkle the plants from bottom to top and top down with care, focusing on the area of ​​infection the plant.


Rate of use

1 liter / 200 liters water in case of acute infection.

It is preferable to add mineral oil to the mixture as a diffuser at the rate of half a liter per 200 liters of water