Fattak 2

Natural plant extract that eliminates agricultural pests and strong plant nutrition.

Eliminates the tomato worm - Tissue - Jerusalem - green worm - palm weevil - cold worm in the soil.

A funky composite of medicinal plants.


It has no period of prohibition.Pests do not protect against immunity so they are used in all stages of the plant successfully.Its natural formula is rich in free amino acids and micro and macro elements in a natural, easy - to - absorb. It is classified for its fertilized properties as it kills pests and addresses the harmful effect of injury and increases and improves production.Strong and fast-acting and superior to toxic pesticides results.Works in contact.                           

Provided because it is pesticide and nutrient at the same time. 

How to use: It must be packed well and then emptied into the tank and sprayed in a good way. 

Rate of use: 

In the case of severe injury (Tota Absluta - tunnel makers - green worm)1 liter / 200 liters water spray on the plant from top to bottom and vice versa. 

Worm bite: 1 L / 200 L water the right with the bandage with the pouch for a day. 

Palm weevil: 1 liter / 200 liters of water injected into the affected area.