B. Smart


 Water-soluble boron 17.3 %

Ethanol amine 17.3 %


Benefit from use

 1 - Demolition of the throne in tuberous crops.

2 - addresses the phenomenon of hollow heart in potato tubers, strawberries and rotary heart sugar beet.

3 - increase the pollination process in the flowers and increase the process of the contract.

4 - Accelerates the transfer of sugar within the plant from the leaves to the different storage places Union boron with sugars.

5. Potassium-assisted sugars are easily transferred to different parts of the plant.

6 - prevents the accumulation of nitrates in the papers and facilitate the conversion to amino acids and protein. 


 Usage Rates

Terms of use

Rate of use


In the stage of flowering and the fall of petals and fruit stage

50:100 cm / 100 liter of water Fruit Trees Citrus & Apricot & Pear & Plum

Before flowering and repeat every 15 days from 2 to 3 consecutive transactions


500 cm / acre


the strawberry

30 days before harvest


1litre /acre

Onions and garlic

Beginning of phase 4 papers are repeated every 10 days

500 cm / acre



At the beginning of flowering and repeats every 15 days 50:100 Cm / 100 liter of water

Vegetable Crops

At the beginning of flowering and repeated spraying every 15 days until the end of harvest

50:100 Cm / 100 liter of water Greenhouses

The beginning of the appearance of the clusters and before flowering and when the grains mature

50:100 Cm / 100 liter of water


A month before harvest

1:1.5 liter /acre


After planting at 50:45 days


200Cm / acre Sugar beet
After planting at 80:75 days


350Cm / acre

120 days

450Cm / acre


Follow the instructions of the Consultant Engineer for Planting

The validity is 5 years from the date of production written on the packaging.