Tomato worm 

Tomato worm, tomato leaf digger or Tota absluta. All of these insecticides originated in South America. This insect was recently identified as the most dangerous insect of tomato production, especially in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant, where it was a major cause of the collapse of tomato production in Syria and Jordan. The lesion


Nematodes are a type of worm that is destructive to plants. These nematodes flourish in sandy soils; these nematodes have a wide spread in many crops, vegetables, mental crops and trees such as citrus and grapes.   Cause of injury: The presence of worm nematodes in the soil. Symptoms: 1- Overall weakness in vegetative growth. 2 –

Insect insects (blind ants)

What is anorexia? Is a type of small insects that feed on plant, but on the plant juice as farmers consider it harmful insects and harmful to the plant.   How to infect the plant with the insect:  Sometimes an ant is present with ants. Some ants use an insect to provide foodBut how this

Root rot

First, what is root rot? Rhizoctonia solani is an fungal disease affecting both the internal and external plants, but the most susceptible to infestation is the internal plant.   How to get this disease:The cause of this disease is bad irrigation or its abundance. As well as a mushroom called (Rhizoctonia solani) Causes of infection:1-