Salinity of agricultural soil

Soil salinity is the high level of salt in the soil

Causes of salinity: –

  1. Accumulation of excess salts from irrigation water.

2 – the climate trend that allows the accumulation of salt in the soil.

3 – human suspension such as:

(A) Deforestation or non-planting because trees absorb soil salts to process photosynthesis.


How to move to soil: –

Transmitted by natural lattice carriers and are loaded with saline groundwater and then accumulate due to evaporation.

Negative effects of soil salinity:

1 – affect the growth of the plant and thus affect the quantity of the crop.

2. Affecting infrastructure such as roads, bridges and foundations of homes also erode pipes and cables. 


 the cure: –

Use the turposal product with irrigation water 2: 3 liters per acre and repeat every two weeks or as needed.